SHEQ 24 software , developed as a result of identifying and acknowledging issues in the SHEQF industry, delivering methods of how software can overcome and eliminate those existing critical SHEQF issues. Our specialist team worked together with specialists employed by companies in the health and safety, environmental, and quality and food safety sciences to understand the critical operational and management issues. We are based in South Africa resulting in ease and effective  software support .



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Why SHEQ24

Here is why our clients use SHEQ 24 as their Integrated Management Software.

Know in real time your company’s compliance status

Identify the risks that are currently causing losses in the company

Implement the best controls possible to mitigate those risks

Improve the company which is a natural outcome as the software guide the users

Be audit ready at any stage

Have a clear view of the company’s problem areas by using the real time dashboards


Transparency … nothing is hidden

Dashboards Safe Money

Businesses are operating in “the information age”. More and more companies are moving towards a dashboard approach, having real-time information available, assisting them in making effective business decisions. SHEQ 24 is not a financial nor a sales software solution but what it does impacts 100% on the bottom line when properly implemented.

Real Time Information

  • User performance
  • Incident statistics
  • Non-Conformance statistics
  • Asset Performance (Breakdowns)
  • Defects and rejects
  • Waste steams
  • Customer Complaints
  • Inspections Compliance
  • Training Matrix Compliance
  • Risk Dashboards
  • Document change requirements
  • Year planners

Continual Improvement

Improvement automated


Stop re-occurrences and address the root cause

How many loss events are reoccurring and eroding the profit margins of the company? Maybe you don’t even realize how many times it occur per month.

SHEQ24 software force the user to be open minded in terms of the root cause of an issue, what preventative measure is available and which measure must be implemented to prevent a reoccurrence.

This simple approach and action, when applied correctly, may save an organisation millions in revenue.

Good habits improve companies

Another  culture SHEQ24 software strive to embed with a user is to implement at least 5 improvements in each the user’s department per month. This tool has a massive impact on the productivity (output) and radically assists in minimizing losses during input phases.
Think Global

Do you have multiple branches?

Multiple Branch Management

One standard across multiple branches is a must in order to achieve common goals. SHEQ24 software enable organisations to manage multiple branches and/or multiple companies under one umbrella.

Global Management Benefits

•Compare critical performance
•Compliance comparison
•Save on traveling time and money
•One standard across board
•Document sharing
•Single point supplier management
•And many more


Keep it Simple and Super Effective

sheq L 4


Users must know what is the status at any time.


Notifications via email or on their dashboard when a listed item expires or when action is needed.


SHEQ24 software guide the user on what action to take and when to take it.


Actions taken on the software result in value adding towards SHEQF management, pushing the company forward towards excellence.