Access to Sample Company
We want to provide you access to one of our sample/mock companies. This company is setup so that you can see the basics of SHEQ 24. You need to feel how easy it is to comply.

Send your Details

We need your details to send you the login details to the system

Schedule Login

We will send you a mail and schedule the best time to send you login details


We will contact to answer all your technical questions


Once you are satisfied, we can schedule a meeting and discuss your specific software needs and how you want to implement the software in the company
Why SHEQ 24?

We believe in results. And our main focus is to ensure our clients comply with their standards and that the company’s can reduce their financial losses.

Local Support

Our development team is in Cape Town and we have consultants in Gauteng.


We don’t charge per user, we only bill the company per month

Cloud Base

You don’t have to buy expensive servers. The software is cloud base and work on all devices with internet access

Easy to Use

Our first goal is to make sure the software is easy to use. We know that the users of the system might not be computer literate
Few Companies that started with a Simple Demo

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Your New Home

Every morning you will login and see what must be managed and how can you improve the company

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